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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Carriers with no carrier code will be turned back at border starting April 1st

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) published, on March 28, guidelines to provide information to importers and brokers in preparation for the elimination of itinerant carrier codes, applicable to all modes, on April 1, 2011.

Specifically, this will affect the process of obtaining release where an itinerant or 77YY carrier code would have been used for the creation of a Cargo Control Number (CCN) to facilitate the control of cargo and release processing.

Effective April 01, 2011 the CBSA will no longer accept generic itinerant carrier codes for any mode of transportation and all carriers must have and utilize a unique identifying carrier code. This includes carriers importing both personal and commercial goods to Canada.

The guidelines describe a "carrier" as: "a person or company who transports goods into Canada and can move goods by air, highway, sea, rail or international mail and who is compensated for these services."

According to the guidelines, "carriers arriving in Canada who do not have a valid carrier code will need to make arrangements to have the goods released at the the first port of arrival or in the case of highway importation, voluntarily return to the U.S."

There are exceptions for commercial goods carried by paying passengers onboard traveler's commercial conveyances (bus, taxi, plane, ship etc.) or by a driver of a "not for hire" non-commercial conveyance (i.e. personal vehicle or own company's vehicle).

For additional information please see: CBSA Guidelines for Cargo and Release Processing (doc) Elimination of the 77YY and ITN (Itinerant) Carrier Codes.

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